New Strategy Center organizes between June 12-14 the third edition of the “Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum”, in partnership with Ovidius University from Constanta, and Constanta Metropolitan Area and with the support of the Public Diplomacy Division of NATO. The event became a platform of debate of the most critical security challenges in the Black Sea and the Balkans region and gained notoriety through the contribution of the leading experts in the security and international relations domains.

This year’s edition outcome is enriched, along with the participation of some of the most prestigious experts in the domains, through the contribution of the renowned geopolitical analyst George Friedman, who presented the main aspects of the security developments in the region. Mr. Friedman also contributed to the new research paper “Black Sea Challenges Old and New”, issued by New Strategy Center and Geopolitical Futures. The study analyses the role of the Black Sea region as one of the main pillars of security and development for the entire European continent. Furthermore, the study underlines the strategic importance this region carries for the fulfilment of Russia’s core interest: “elevating Russia’s status to that of a land and maritime power on an equal footing with the Western European actors”. The study also contains a set of concrete recommendations for increasing the deterrence and defense capability. The study was presented in an analysis by George Friedman and the Geopolitical Futures team, which can be accessed at: On the Black Sea

The study can be accessed at: June, 2019 – Black Sea Challenges Old and New