On 15 March 2021, New Strategy Center organized the online conference ”One year of pandemic: Lessons learned and future perspectives”. A year ago, in a context of unprecedented crisis, Romania declared state of emergency as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The review of this year, described by multiple challenges, brings lessons learned and the need to formulate solutions and perspectives for the future, in order to increase the resilience of the country to such a crisis. Another topic of the discussion was the disinformation and the fake news campaign, which is strongly present in this period.
The speakers of the event were Mr. Nelu Tătaru, former Minister of Health in March- December 2020, who currently is the President of the Committee for Health and Family – Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Raed Arafat, State Secretary, Head of the Department for Emergency Situations, The Ministry of Interior, and Dr. Alina Bârgăoanu, professor, honorary communication adviser to the Chairman of the National Committee for Coordinating the Activities on COVID-19 Vaccination. The discussion was moderated by Mr. George Scutaru, CEO of the New Strategy Center.

Event Agenda 15 March 2021