In the first day of the Advanced Research Workshop Black Swans on the Eastern Flank, organized by the New Strategy Center together with World Experience for Georgia, the discussions focused on the various possible scenarios in the security field in the Caucasus area. Experts from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have submitted their scenarios and, later on, the participants have discussed these hypothetical situations crisis. There were also discussed the scenarios on security in the area of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. At the same time, the experts analyzed two of the most frequently presented topics in the scenarios: cyber security and the protection of frontiers and ports.

The event involved experts from Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, as well as from the NATO and FRONTEX. The scenarios and the discussions aimed at 4 main directions: cyber security, energy security, counter-terrorism, the protection of frontiers and ports.
This workshop was organized with the support of the NATO’s Program Science for Peace and Security.
New Strategy Center expresses its gratitude for the support of OMV Petrom Company in organizing this event.