NSC at the conference of the Naval Forces

The representatives of New Strategy Center participated in the conference “The New Concepts, Technologies / Equipment for the Development of Romanian Naval Forces”, organized by the General Staff of the Naval Forces between June 24-25, at the Academy of Naval Forces in Constanța. Mr. Dan Dungaciu, Member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy […]

NSC study: The Balkans – An Unfinished Business

New Strategy Center has published the study “The Balkans – An Unfinished Business”, a complex analysis of the problems and challenges the Balkan region faces.The study was launched on Friday, June 18th, with the occasion of the fifth edition of the conference “Security Challenges in the Balkans”, organized by the New Strategy Center and the […]

How Will the Alliance Take Action After the NATO Summit?

On Monday, 21 June, New Strategy Center organized an online conference dedicated to the NATO summit held in Brussels on 14 June and to the impact of decisions on NATO’s Eastern Flank and, in particular, on the Black Sea region. The debate was moderated by Ambassador Cristian Diaconescu, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and member […]

Security Challenges in the Balkans – Timișoara, 18 June 2021

The West University of Timisoara and New Strategy Center held the fifth edition of the international conference “Security challenges in the Balkans” on Friday, the 18th of June 2021, highlighting the region’s strategic importance and complexity. The official opening of the event was attended by Mr. Marilen Gabriel Pirtea, the Rector of West University of […]

NSC completed the training course “Security and Health”

On May-June 2021, New Strategy Center, with the Committee on Health and Family of the Chamber of Deputies and the Committee on Public Health from the Senate as partners, has organized a course dedicated to the new parliamentarians and councilors from the above mentioned committees. Considering the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic not only […]

European Defence Fund. Opportunities and Benefits for Romanian Industry

New Strategy Center and the Department of Armaments within the Ministry of National Defense organized on Thursday, 27 May, a new conference dedicated to the cooperation in the military-industrial field at EU level. Under the heading “European Defence Fund. Opportunities and benefits for Romanian industry”, the event assessed the lines of action of the European Defense [...]

Cooperation Protocol: New Strategy Center – The Caucasus Institute from Armenia

New Strategy Center and The Caucasus Institute din Armenia signed a cooperation protocol. The purpose of the cooperation with the think-tank from Erevan is to develop analyzes and studies in the field of foreign affairs and security, as well as to exchange experts for different conferences. This cooperation is part of the New Strategy Center’s […]

NSC dialogue with Azerbaijani experts on security challenges in Caucasus region

On Monday, 17 May, the members of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center held a new meeting dedicated to the security challenges in the Caucasus region. The discussions included a briefing from Dr. Esmira Jafarova and Dr. Vasif Huseynov, experts from the Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center).  The dialogue considered […]

The completion of the training course on energy security

On March-May 2021, New Strategy Center, in partnership with the Committee on Energy of the Senate and the Committee on Industries and services of the Chamber of Deputies, organized a course for new MPs and advisers from the above-mentioned commissions. The lecturers were Romanian and foreign experts who addressed topics such as the assessment of […]