Romania and Poland. Facing New Challenges in the Region.

New Strategy Center and the Institute for Eastern Studies have organized on Thursday, 28 March, the fifth series of strategic consultations under the heading “Romania and Poland. Facing New Challenges in the Region.” In this edition, attention has focused on the analysis of the security challenges on NATO’s Eastern Flank and the EU, on the topic […]

Romania’s Energy Security: Current Situation and Perspectives

Romania’s energy security is a permanent topic on the agenda of the New Strategy Center. Wednesday, March 27, was organized a dynamic debate on this subject to see how can Romania attract investments in the field, and how to increase domestic consumption, considering the perspective of exploitation of natural gas resources in the Black Sea area […]

Increasing Resiliency to Cyber Threats

New Strategy Center organized on Tuesday, 26 March 2019, the debate “Increasing Resiliency to Cyber Threats”, benefiting from reputed speakers from the United States and Romania. The event aimed both the public policies to increase resilience in cyber space as well as concrete actions of the institutions with responsibilities in the field of cyber security. The participants […]

Interoperability of the Information Systems in Healthcare

The fourth panel of the training programme “Digitization in Healthcare”, organized by the New Strategy Center in partnership with the two Committees for Healthcare of the Parliament took place on Thursday, 14 March, at the National Military Club. On the topic of “Interoperability of the Information Systems in Healthcare” the trainees have benefited from the […]

The launch of the third edition of the PatriotFest contest (2019)

The third edition of PatriotFest contest, which is the only national inovation competition in the field of national security, was launched at the Romanian Academy Library. Innovators eager to evaluate and promote their creations are invited to enroll for their functional prototypes in the contest by October 20, 2019. The details of the PatriotFest themes, […]

Accreditation of Hospitals in Terms of Digitization

The third panel of the training programme ‘Digitization in Healthcare’, organized by the New Strategy Center in partnership with the two health committees of the Parliament, took place on Wednesday, 6 February, at the National Military Club. On the topic of ‘Accreditation of Hospitals in terms of digitization’, the trainees have benefited from the expertise […]

Ambassador Sorin Ducaru will be the first Romanian director of an EU Agency

Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, chairman of the New Strategy Center’s Scientific Council, has been appointed Director of the EU Satellite Center (SATCEN), being the first leading position of an agency in the EU by a Romanian representative. The EU Satellite Information Center (SATCEN) is alongside European Defense Agency (EDA) and ENISA (EU Network Information Sec Agency) […]

Romania 2019 – Forecasts of Economic Evolution

A new dynamic debate organized by New Strategy Center on Tuesday, March 5th, at the national Military Circle, about challenges and opportunities, about fiscal policies and competitiveness of some niche sectors of the economy, about the Romanian imports and exports, and about the necessity of some public policies to encourage some of the sectors of the national […]