Powerful Tool for Defense and Industrial Cooperation

The New Strategy Center organized the conference entitled “Powerful Tool for Defense and Industrial Cooperation” on Thursday, April 11th. The debate included a comprehensive assessment of the security challenges in the Black Sea region and of Romania’s defense and deterrence capabilities. The event also offered the opportunity for discussions on industrial defense co-operation and how […]

Military Mobility and Supporting Infrastructure. A New Challenge for EU and NATO.

New Strategy Center and German Marshall Fund Romania, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence of Romania, organized the ”Military Mobility and Supporting Infrastructure. A New Challenge to EU and NATO” conference on Wednesday, April 10th. Speakers from the EU, the USA, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Romania, discussed the challenges of the Eastern Flank […]

Military telemedicine – a large-scale project for Romania.

New Strategy Center has completed the training programme “Digitization in Health”, dedicated to the experts within the Committees for Heath of the Parliament, a project carried out in partnership with the two committees from the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The last panel was dedicated to military telemedicine, a complex initiative which will be […]

A Strategic Assessment of the Security Challenges in the Black Sea Region

New Strategy has organized a new event dedicated to the security challenges in the Black Sea region, this time benefiting from the expertise of some speakers from France. Thus, we are trying to create the opportunity for a valuable exchange of views with Romania’s strategic allies on relevant topics to our country’s security, as we […]

Romania and Poland. Facing New Challenges in the Region.

New Strategy Center and the Institute for Eastern Studies have organized on Thursday, 28 March, the fifth series of strategic consultations under the heading “Romania and Poland. Facing New Challenges in the Region.” In this edition, attention has focused on the analysis of the security challenges on NATO’s Eastern Flank and the EU, on the topic […]

Romania’s Energy Security: Current Situation and Perspectives

Romania’s energy security is a permanent topic on the agenda of the New Strategy Center. Wednesday, March 27, was organized a dynamic debate on this subject to see how can Romania attract investments in the field, and how to increase domestic consumption, considering the perspective of exploitation of natural gas resources in the Black Sea area […]

Increasing Resiliency to Cyber Threats

New Strategy Center organized on Tuesday, 26 March 2019, the debate “Increasing Resiliency to Cyber Threats”, benefiting from reputed speakers from the United States and Romania. The event aimed both the public policies to increase resilience in cyber space as well as concrete actions of the institutions with responsibilities in the field of cyber security. The participants […]