Belarus: Union State, Independence or Occupation?

20 January 2020

Belarus is becoming a state of particular importance for the stability of Eastern Europe, where the interests of major geopolitical players cross and where Russia is intensifying its pressure to…

U.S. Foreign and Security Policy in 2020: Expectations and Possible Evolution

14 January 2020

The first debate organized by the New Strategy Center this year focused on the topic of US foreign and security policy in 2020. An interesting discussion about the evolution of…

NSC in Warsaw – “Bucharest 9: Joint Assessment for Common Understanding”

16 December 2019

On December 16th, New Strategy Center participated in Warsaw at the launch of the project “Bucharest 9: Joint Assessment for Common Understanding”, initiated by the Warsaw Institute. This project, which…

Energy Security in the Black Sea Region. Challenges and Opportunities.

11 December 2019

On Wednesday, December 11th, New Strategy Center New Strategy Center held a debate on energy security in the Black Sea region, which is particularly important for Romania. Our country has important…

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