On 1-2 October, the Ministry of National Defence, New Strategy Center and the Center for the Study of the New Generation Warfare (SUA) have organized, in partnership, the conference „European-American Security Dialog: Black Sea Security Net Assessment”. The event was aimed at strengthening the strategic transatlantic dialog to increase security in the Black Sea region.

The working sessions were held on subjects regarding the strategic context, risks and threats specific to the Black Sea region, as well as defense options within national and allied paradigms, which were analyzed with regards to reducing vulnerabilities and increasing resilience. As well, the discussions focused on strengthening trans-Atlantic solidarity, consolidating Romania’s posture and intensifying military cooperation within NATO as well as the EU.

The European American Security Dialogue Conference, already in its second edition in our country (the first being held in 2019), encourages an exchange of opinions between Eastern flank allies in NATO, but also of institutions directly responsible for security and defence. Similar events, within this initiative, have taken place in the past years in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden, these delving into subjects related to security challenges in the Baltic area and the North-Eastern allied flank.