On March-May 2021, New Strategy Center, in partnership with the Committee on Energy of the Senate and the Committee on Industries and services of the Chamber of Deputies, organized a course for new MPs and advisers from the above-mentioned commissions.
The lecturers were Romanian and foreign experts who addressed topics such as the assessment of Romania’s energy security, the security challenges in the Black Sea area, the EU’s priorities on energy policy, as well as the implications of Green Deal on Romania. There were also discussed the perspectives of the energy projects in the Black Sea area, considering the energy corridors in the region and Romania’s strategic interests.
New Strategy Center started this project, as part of a wider initiative, to highlight the value of dialog between public institutions and the non-governmental area of expertise, in the spirit of a non-partisan political approach. In this training course, the NSC has set out to contribute to the strengthening of the security culture and to the increase of expertise at the level of the specialized parliamentary committees, in order to better base decisions with implications in the field of national security, where energy field is very important. The NSC thanks all participants for their involvement, as well as the two Commissions for their support.