On Thursday, 14 January 2021,  New Strategy Center organized the conference entitled “Foreign and Security Policy of the United Kingdom after BREXIT”, along with LSE Ideas, the think-tank for foreign policy of the  London School of Economics, UK.

Following the conclusion of a long-awaited UK withdrawal agreement from the European Union, Brexit raises questions about Great Britain’s place in the world, the new relationship with the European Union and London’s global interests in the new context. While leaving the EU’s single market and Customs Union, Great Britain remains an ally sharing security concerns with the European states, and its role in NATO is vital. 

The guests of the event were professor Christopher Coker, Director of LSE IDEAS, as well as Mr. Peter Watkins and Mr. Tom McKane, former senior officials in the British Ministry of Defense. The dialog was moderated by Ambassador Cristian Diaconescu, a member of the NSC Scientific Council and a former minister of foreign affairs.