New Strategy Center hosted the online debate “NATO 2030 – A Debate on the Future of the Alliance” on Wednesday, December 9, with Ambassador Tacan Ildem as its special guest. The Turkish diplomat is a member of the select group of experts appointed by the NATO Secretary General to prepare a report assessing the means of strengthening the political dimension of the North Atlantic Alliance. The report “NATO 2030: United for a New Era” was presented to NATO foreign ministers a week ago in Brussels, and will form the basis for discussions on the new Strategic Concept of the Alliance.

The event organized by the New Strategy Center discussed mainly the developments in the Black Sea and Balkans region, the dynamics of security challenges in the mentioned areas and the way in which NATO acts here. It is important for Romania that in the strategic vision of NATO, the Black Sea region has an important place, and the policy of defence and deterrence of the Alliance has a unitary approach on the entire East Flank.