New Strategy Center has signed a new cooperation agreement, this time with Centro Studi Internazionali – CeSI from Rome. This Italian think tank’s activity, founded in 2014, is focused on security and international relationships issues.

The agreement stipulates both think tanks’ intention to conduct together studies and analyses on mutual interest subjects. At the same time, New Strategy Center and Centro Studi Internazionali will be able to organize joint events and will exchange experts who will participate at their own debates. Also, both think tanks will inform each other on their own products which might be interesting to the other partner. The cooperation agreement was signed by dr. Ionel Nițu, president of New Strategy Center and professor Andrea Margelletti, president of Centro Studi Internazionali from Rome.

Thus, New Strategy Center continues to expand its external collaboration, consisting in agreements signed with partners from Poland, Turkey and Croatia. At the time, New Strategy Center conducted, along with  the Center for American SeaPower, Hudson Institute – USA, the study “Why Does the Black Sea Matters” focused on security challenges in the Black Sea region.