New Strategy Center publishes a new study, this time dedicated to France’s security policy in the Black Sea and Mediterranean area. Starting from Paris’s involvement in the two regions, the study addresses the issue of France’s influence as a holder of territories in various parts of the world and a key player in the Euro-Atlantic security architecture.

The study examines France’s current role in the Mediterranean, with an important role in maintaining a balance between Turkey, Cyprus and Greece, and as an initiator of negotiations with North African countries, particularly in the context of the energy crisis. The security of the Black Sea is seen as interlinked with that of the Mediterranean. Thus, the importance of the French military presence in Romania in the Black Sea area is stressed, especially in the new security context created by the war in Ukraine.

“France’s Security in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean” was written by Mr. Quentin Jalabert from France, who recently joined the New Strategy Center team as a Non-Resident Associated Expert.

France’s Security Policy in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean