On monday, January 25th, NSC and some think thanks and institutes from Kiev representatives met online to discuss topics of strategic interest for both countries. The militarization of the Black Sea, Russia’s hybrid activities designed to undermine the authority of the countries in the region and EU and NATO’s cohesion and the disinformation campaigns in the region, as well as the evolution of Eastern Ukraine crisis were topics of discussion. At the same time, the exchange of opinions also concerned the perspective of Romanian and Ukrainian experts on the situation in the Republic of Moldova and Belarus, and some assessments on the evolution of the transatlantic relationship under the new US administration or the cooperation perspectives within the Eastern Partnership.

Since 2019, New Strategy Center and CACDS have developed this consultation format on topics of strategic interest, thus aiming to contribute to increasing cooperation between Romania and Ukraine and to a better understanding of the perception of each country on the security challenges in the Black Sea region.