On September 5, 2019 New Strategy Center co-hosted a discussion panel on the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures and key sectors of the economy at the Krynica Economic Forum, Poland. The Economic Forum is a prestigious annual event focused on the security and economic cooperation in the CEE.

The speakers, Mr. Roman Domovic, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb, Mr. Yuriy Lapaiev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainian Week, Mr. Pawel Pudlowski, Deputy and Chairman for Digitization, Innovation and New Technologies in Sejm, Mr. Yan St-Pierre, CEO at MOSECON GmbH, Mr. Olgierd Syczewski, program coordinator at CEPA, Mr. Jarosław Tyc, president of the board NASK, Poland, discussed the cybersecurity and the cyber protection of the institutions and the key sectors of the economy under the moderation of Mr. Iulian Popa, associate expert at New Strategy Center.

As for the debate, the speakers broadly discussed the existing challenges to the critical infrastructures and key sectors of the economy, while confirming once again the great importance of this topic for the security and economic cooperation in the CEE. One of the main concerns was related to the unprecedented ongoing diversification of the cyber-threats spectrum. Also, the speakers stressed the importance of the regional cooperation in cybersecurity matters, underscoring in the same time the need for a better coordination of the response to cyber incidents among stakeholders from the eastern flank. From a strategic point of view, the speakers concluded that the response to incidents should be risk-based and proportionate, while emphasizing their concerns towards where do we buy technology from and the cybersecurity of the value chain.