Mr. Lazăr Comănescu, member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center, attended the Minsk Dialogue Forum as speaker in the panel dedicated to the evolution within the European Union: ‘EU between internal reforms and external challenges.’ The former minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania referred to the need to continue the European project, as it is crucial that EU members be determined to overcome the increasing problems of recent times, which may affect cohesion and support for this architecture. At the same time, the discussions highlighted the need to maintain “open doors” policy toward the states in the Western Balkans and also a special relationship with the Eastern Partnership countries, which must be helped to see the EU as an attractive option, thus stimulating reform processes.

The Minsk Dialogue Forum is a security conference held in the Belarusian capital, organized with the support of several institutions and foundations from the US, Germany and Belarus, as a dialogue platform on security and foreign affairs themes.