Mr. Iulian Fota, member of the Scientific Council of New Strategy Center, participated in the panel “The Future of Transatlantic Relations” within the Regional Youth Leadership Forum, in Novi Sad, Serbia. The panel has been co-organized by the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development.










The participants focused on current issues such as the decrease of the regional security environment in after the annexation of Crimea and the atart of the war in Eastern Ukraine, the migration crisis, the impact of the war in Syria over the security in Europe as well as security challenges in the Balkans. The discussions included also the US foreign policy after the presidential elections, the cooperation within NATO as well as the one between NATO and EU. Mr. Iulian Fota highlighted the input of Romania regarding the increasing cooperation and security improvement in the region, as well as the efforts made by Romania in the political and military fields.

The participation in the forum organized in Serbia has been done within the framework of the regional partnerships that New Strategy has been developing in order to improve the regional cooperation on topics of interest for Romania.