Together with the guests of the fifth edition of the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum, New Strategy Center has celebrated 6 years of activity.
The New Strategy Center’s 6 years of activity include:

  • 16 members of the Scientific Council and 14 experts of the NSC
  • 30 published studies
  • 20 partnerships with NGOs and similar institutes from abroad
  • 240 events and over 1,100 extremely valuable speakers, both from the country and from abroad.

Once again, our extended thanks to those who have supported us throughout this period and who have believed in the New Strategy Center project. We have proved all these years that we have managed to be a neutral platform for debate and to bring together the institutional, academic, and business environment, to discuss the most important issues that may affect Romania’s security, current development opportunities, and security challenges.

Throughout all these years, our goal has been to create lines of communication, to develop external partnerships, to organize events in Romania and abroad together with our partners, to elaborate studies and analyses, to promote the strategic importance of the Black Sea and the Balkans, and Romania’s security objectives. Together with us at this anniversary moment, and who expressed their appreciation for the entire activity of the New Strategy Center: Mr. Sorin Cîmpeanu, minister of Education, Mrs. Simona Cojocaru, Secretary of State, MOD, Mrs. Iulia Matei, Secretary of State, MFA, Mr. General-lieutenant Daniel Petrescu, Chief of Defense.

Since its inception, the New Strategy Center has sought to bring together valuable internal experts in the Scientific Council, with Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, former Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges of NATO, filling in the role of Honorary Chairman.

On the occasion of its sixth years of activity, New Strategy Center has announced a new initiative, the formation, at the organizational level, of the International Consultative Board, an advisory format composed of distinguished experts in the fields of: international relations, security, defense, economics or technology. The Board includes the honorary participation of members, seeking to promote democratic values, the solidarity of the Euro-Atlantic area in the face of classic and emerging security challenges, the strategic relevance of the Black Sea and Balkan region. By providing expertise and support, Board members contribute to shaping policies and projects that support the long-term goals and missions of the New Strategy Center. The Honorary Chairman of the International Consultative Board is General (ret.) Sir James Everard, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Likewise, other experts who have accepted the NSC invitation and became members are:

Dr. Harlan Ullman, Senior Advisor, Atlantic Council, USA

Ambassador (Ret.) Victor Jackovich, former U.S. ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, former U.S. ambassador to Slovenia, USA

Dr. Charles Powell, Director, Elcano Institute, Spain

Dr. Christopher Coker, Director of LSE IDEAS, UK

Dr. Seth Cropsey, Director, Center for the Study of American Seapower, Hudson Institute, USA