On 23 February, Dr. Cosmin Ioniță, director of research programmes at New Strategy Center participated in the international round table discussion “Global Political / Security Relations and Issues – specific policies”, that took place in Zagreb, Croatia. The event was jointly organized by the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) and Hanns Seidel Foundation in Zagreb.

Through his presentation “Regional policies of leading IR actors and their impact on global affairs”, Cosmin Ioniță highlighted the importance of the regional stability within the overall European security environment. The uncertainty in both South East Europe and the Black Sea area has increased considerably and new international actors seem more interested in expanding their influence in the region. The strategic importance of the Black Sea region has considerably increased, due to the instability caused by illegal annexation of Crimea and extensively Russian military forces in this area, which is why the North Atlantic Alliance’s solidarity manifestation with the NATO members in the region is vital. 

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