Cooperation Agreement New Strategy Center – Geopolitical Futures

New Strategy Center signed a cooperation agreement with Geopolitical Futures, aiming to conduct joint studies and analyses on topics concerning the classic and emergent security challenges in the Black Sea and the Balkans area. Thus, New Strategy Center opens a new line of collaboration, this time with the well known American geopolitical analyst George Friedman […]

U.S. Foreign and Security Policy in 2019: Expectations and Possible Developments

New Strategy Center organized a debate dedicated to and the special guest was Mr. Seth Cropsey, director of the Center for American Seapower, Hudson Institute, USA. It was a dynamic discussion about the transatlantic cooperation, the priorities of the US Administration and its involvement in ensuring security on NATO’s Eastern Flank, the developments in the […]

Romania’s Foreign Policy Priorities in 2019

New Strategy Center organized a debate dedicated to the foreign policy priorities of Romania for 2019, the tendencies of the global foreign policy, as well as the security challenges that our country has to face. The special guest of this event was H.E. Teodor Meleșcanu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania. The debate was […]

Strategic level exercise: “Enhanced Resilience – Strong Deterrence”

The Defense Staff, in cooperation with the New Strategy Center and the Center for the Study of the New Generation Warfare from the USA, organized a strategic level exercise on April 14-16, entitled “Enhanced Resilience – Strong Deterrence”. The exercise was inter-institutional, with the participation, physical and online, of representatives of the National Defense System, […]

Ministry of National Defence-NSC Event: “Building Together a More Resilient Europe: Military Assistance to Civilian Authorities”

On Monday, April 12, the Ministry of National Defense and New Strategy Center organized the conference “Building Together a More Resilient Europe: Military Assistance to Civilian Authorities”. Conducted online, the discussions focused on specific aspects of cooperation between the armed forces and civilian institutions in action aimed at increasing the resilience of EU states. The […]

NSC Project: Course on Romania’s Energy Security

On Wednesday, March 24th, New Strategy Center, in partnership with the The Committee on Energy, Energy Infrastructure and mineral Resources of the Senate and the Committee for Industries and Services of the Chamber of Deputies, has started a course dedicated to the new parliamentarians and advisers from the above mentioned committees and the Committee for […]

Romanian Army in 2021. Objectives, Resources, Action Plans.

New Strategy Center organized on Thursday, March 18, a conference dedicated to the objectives set by the Romanian Army in 2021, with special guests as Mr. Nicolae Ciucă, Minister of Defense, and Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu, Chief of Defense Staff. The discussion focused on the efforts of the Ministry of National Defense in combating the […]