New Strategy Center held an online debate on Thursday, October 15, entitled “November Elections: Race for the White House and the Implications on the Security and Foreign Policy of the US.” On this occasion, Dr. George Friedman, President of Geopolitical Futures, and Dr. Russell Berman, Professor at Stanford University, referred to the implications of the US presidential election in November on US foreign and security policies, to possible developments after this election, including the transatlantic relationship, the attitude towards China or Russia and the evolution of Washington’s security interests in Europe or Asia. This debate was moderated by Ambassador Sergiu Celac, the honorary president of the New Strategy Center, Romania’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The stakes of these presidential elections are significant, in the context in which the US commitment to the security of the East Flank is essential, and Romania benefits from a privileged relationship, its security being largely based on the strategic partnership with the USA.