The representatives of New Strategy Center participated in the conference “The New Concepts, Technologies / Equipment for the Development of Romanian Naval Forces”, organized by the General Staff of the Naval Forces between June 24-25, at the Academy of Naval Forces in Constanța.
Mr. Dan Dungaciu, Member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center, gave a presentation dedicated to the frozen conflicts in the Black Sea region, in general, and the developments in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, in particular, taking into account possible developments in concerns the settlement of the Transnistrian and Donbas conflicts.

Major General (ret) Leonardo Dinu, Member of the Scientific Council of the NSC, and Mr. George Scutaru, the CEO of NSC, gave a presentation analyzing hybrid threats in the Black Sea region. Leonardo Dinu presented both the conceptual part and the manifestation of hybrid threats in the Black Sea area and the connections between the various types of tools used to destabilize and undermine the Euro-Atlantic area. George Scutaru referred to the energy potential in the offshore area of ​​the Black Sea, the energy routes in the region, the dependence of many states on a single gas supplier and how hybrid threats can jeopardize some energy projects.

New Strategy Center supports such cooperation with the military academic and institutional environment, for a useful exchange of expertise in assessing the classical and hybrid threats that Romania faces.