On May-June 2021, New Strategy Center, with the Committee on Health and Family of the Chamber of Deputies and the Committee on Public Health from the Senate as partners, has organized a course dedicated to the new parliamentarians and councilors from the above mentioned committees. Considering the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic not only on the sanitary system, but on the entire society, we came to the conclusion that healthcare is a vital component of the national security.

On topics ranging from strategic communication and fake-news campaigns during the pandemic period, to changes brought by Covid-19 to the pharmaceutical industry, prospects for digitization in health and protection of related IT systems, modernization of the current regulatory framework in the field, the lecturers in the course were experts from several professional backgrounds.

This course initiated by the New Strategy Center is part of a wide approach to promote the importance of dialog between public institutions and non-governmental expertise. With this project, New Strategy Center aims of contributing to the strengthening of the security culture and to increasing the expertise at the level of the specialized parliamentary committees, in order to better substantiate decisions with implications in the field of national security, where health has an essential contribution.