On Tuesday, May 18, New Strategy Center, with the Committee on Health and Family of the Chamber of Deputies and the Committee on Public Health from the Senate as partners, started a course dedicated to the new parliamentarians and councilors from the mentioned committees. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought multiple challenges not only to the health system, but to society as a whole, globally, which has shown that health is an essential component of national security. The initiative of the “Safety and Health” training program is aimed at increasing the security culture, as well as strengthening the dialogue between public institutions and the area of ​​non-governmental expertise on issues affecting health. The course, which will take place between May and June, also aims to contribute to a better substantiation of decisions on health.
The first panel had as subject the disinformation and strategic communication campaigns during the pandemic, the speaker being Mrs. Alina Bârgăoanu, university professor and expert in communication and digital education.