New Strategy Center organized a video conference on Tuesday, April 14, dedicated to the economic problems caused by the pandemic and how the state and the business environment should cooperate in order to mitigate these negative effects. The debate entitled “Increasing Romania’s economic resilience in crisis conditions” brought together speakers from 4 major companies present in Romania: Ionuț Simion (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), Livia Dumitrescu (Vodafone), Ionuț Stanimir (BCR) and Alexandru Maximescu (OMVPetrom) and benefited from the introductory comments of Mrs. Alexandra Gătej, member of the Scientific Council of NSC and former presidential adviser for the business environment.

New Strategy Center believes that a series of state investments in public projects and promotion of production in Romania, the continuation of investments in digitization and investments growth in education and health can mitigate the effects of the economic crisis and reduce the country’s current dependence on imports from remote areas, impossible to manage in crisis situations.

Event Agenda – April 14th 2020