New Strategy Center held a new video-conference on Wednesday, 6 May, entitled ‘The Pandemic and the Challenges to the European Union’. The participants received the input of reputable European affairs experts: Mrs. Florence Gaub, Deputy Director of the European Union Institute for Security Studies, EU and Ambassador Mihnea Motoc, Deputy Head of I.D.E.A. (Inspire, Debate, Engage and Accelerate Action) Department, European Commission, former Minister of Defense, Romania.
The introduction was made by Ambassador Lazăr Comănescu, member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center (NSC) and former minister of Foreign Affairs, and was moderated by Ambassador Doru Costea, senior associate expert at NSC.
The security challenges facing the EU, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the European area, the disruptive economic developments and the transatlantic cooperation were among the topics of the agenda. Such a discussion is timely in a difficult context, when cohesion and solidarity of the European community are vital for the EU to face up to complex challenges.