On Monday, February 8th, New Strategy Center organized the online debate ”On #NATO2030. Young Leaders Reflect on the Future of the Alliance”. The event followed the presentation of the ”NATO 2030: Embrace the change, guard the values – Young Leaders Report”, on February 4th, by its authors – a group of young experts, selected in 2020 by the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

The speakers were Tania Lațici, analyst, European Parliamentary Research Service, associated expert with the New Strategy Center and Katarina Kertysova, Policy Fellow, European Leadership Network, both of them members of the 14 young leaders group who conducted the report. The discussion was moderated by Izel Selim, Coordinator of the Department for International Cooperation – New Strategy Center.
Based on this report and also on other contributions, the Secretary General of NATO will present his recommendations, at strategic level, on the future of the North Atlantic Alliance at the Summit of NATO’S leaders in Brussels, during the first part of this year, to be used as foundation to the next NATO Strategic Concept.

Event Agenda 8 February 2021