New Strategy Center, together with Curtea Veche Publishing, has organized Wednesday, 29th of July, the online launch of the book “The World of Tomorrow. What to expect after the pandemic? Reflections and perspectives. / Lumea de mâine: Ce urmează după pandemie? Reflecţii şi proiecţii”. The event featured a debate on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international relations, the evolution in the security environment, and further technological advancements. The debate was moderated by two of the editors, Ambassador Sergiu Celac and Dr. Olivia Toderean, who were joined by some of the authors: Dr. Russell Berman, professor at Standford University USA, Dr. Antonia Colibășanu, geopolitical analyst for Geopolitical Futures USA, General (ret.) Sir James Everard, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR), and Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Director of the European Union Satellite Center.

The volume was published in Romanian by New Strategy Center, in cooperation with Curtea Veche Publishing. It consists of a collection of 37 essays signed by 43 Romanian and foreign authors representing various professions and fields of expertise: political scientists, economists, sociologists, military representatives, psychologists, communication experts, and engineers, all with a solid reputation in their specific domains. Among the authors, 16 are representatives of the academic and think-tank community from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey, Republic of Moldova. The foreword was written by Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, President of the Munich Security Conference, and the afterword by Prof. Ioan Aurel Pop, President of the Romanian Academy. At the same time, the publication of the volume marks the 5th anniversary of the foundation of New Strategy Center.

A challenging book from many aspects, “The World of Tomorrow. What to expect after the pandemic? Reflections and perspectives. / Lumea de mâine: Ce urmează după pandemie? Reflecţii şi proiecţii” was written entirely in isolation. The volume maintains an equilibrium between a lucid forecast, based on concrete facts, and an assumed subjectivity, which offers multiple perspectives on the current situation. As Wolfgang Ischinger observes in the foreword, “it takes courage to write so comprehensively on an issue that is still very much a ‘moving target’. Thereby, the initiative is particularly valuable because it provides decision-makers with different insights, early warnings and policy recommendations.”

The volume was coordinated by Olivia Toderean, career diplomat, political analyst and former university lecturer, Ambassador Sergiu Celac, Honorary Chairman of New Strategy Center and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, and George Scutaru, Executive Manager of New Strategy Center and former National Security Advisor for the President of Romania. They are among the authors of this volume, along with other important names such as: Dr. Ionel Nițu, President of New Strategy Center, former ministers Lazăr Comănescu, Cristian Diaconescu, Mihnea Motoc, professors Daniel Dăianu, Vasile Dâncu, retired generals James Everard, Vincenzo Camporini and Viktor Hvozd, international security experts Harlan Ullman, Seth Cropsey and Phillip Petersen, or voices of the civil society, such as the communication expert Mihaela Nicola or the expert in combating fake news and disinformation, professor Alina Bârgăoanu.

This comprehensive international project was conceived and accomplished in record time. On 15 March 2020, the decision was made to go ahead with it, on 19 March the invitations to the authors were sent out, on 20 May all contributions were received, and on 5 July the editorial work was finalized and ready for publishing. All these operations were completed at a time when Romania was under a state of emergency and most of the world was under lockdown. From the initial idea to the final manuscript the editorial team never met once in person, and the correspondence with the authors was fully conducted online.

The book is available on the site of the publishing, at