On Tuesday, November 24, within the FLANKS project – “Enhance knowledge of Russia’s behavior in the Kola Peninsula and Arctic region, as well as in the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea region – and to compare in terms of similarities and differences”, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) organized a briefing on the security challenges in the Arctic.
The FLANKS project carried out by NUPI and the New Strategy Center, funded through the Fund for Bilateral Relations SEE&NO 2014-2021, aims to increase bilateral cooperation, including by raising awareness of security risks in the Arctic and the Black Sea region, thus contributing to better common perception of security challenges and strengthening solidarity at NATO level.
This online briefing was attended by experts from New Strategy Center and NUPI, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense from both Norway and Romania, as well as diplomats from the Romanian Embassy in Oslo and the Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest.

More information about the project: Flanks.