Board of Directors

President: Ionel Nițu. Shareholder and general director of the Intelligence Analysis and Trends Assessment Center (CAIET) and IntelSeCo. He is also the president of the Association of Business Intelligence Professionals (ASIA), doctor of military science and information, lecturer and associate professor, author of several books, studies and articles. He worked for the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) until December 2012, as the Head of the General Directorate of Analysis.

Ionel Nițu is supported in his endeavour by people who work in the private sector or who used to work in the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Scientific Council

This body within NSC is represented by acknowledged personalities in various fields, who agreed to join the NSC objectives. Several executive vice-presidents coordinate the main activities of NSC in specific areas of interests. The Scientific Council is supported by the Program directors who  cover  a specific geographic area, and coordinate concrete research programs.

Affiliated personalities

Public personalities who support the NSC work and the values that it promotes.


Persons who sustain the NSC objectives and encourage the relevant debates for the national security, both in terms of security challenges as well as the opportunities for the economic development of the country.

Member selection process:

1. Support for NSC principles

2. Receiving the recommendation of two NSC members

3. Analysis of the activity (legal entity) or the CV (individuals) by the NSC Board of Directors

4. Payment of the membership fee

5. Official acceptance notification from NSC regarding the membership status