NewStrategyCenter organized on Thursday, November 24, 2022, the presentation of the results of an opinion poll on economic, social and political developments in the Republic of Moldova, perceptions on the war in Ukraine, relations with Romania, the European Union and the Russian Federation. The data were collected between 30 October and 20 November 2022 in the Republic of Moldova in a national sample.

The survey was conducted by C.B.S-RESEARCH on behalf of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives – IDIS “Viitorul”, in the Republic of Moldova, and the Institute of Political Science and International Relations (ISPRI), in Romania.

Speakers at the event were Mr. Dan Dungaciu, member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center and Director of ISPRI, Romania, Mr Veaceslav Ioniță, from IDIS “Viitorul”, Republic of Moldova and Mr Ion Jigău, Director of the Sociological Research Company C.B.S.-RESEARCH, Republic of Moldova.