Security Challenges in Northern and Southern Europe (FLANKS)

FLANKS is a research project carried out in partnership between the New Strategy Center and the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI) between 2020-2021. This project aims to study the phenomenon of militarization of the Arctic region and the Black Sea region. The project activities include visits and information seminars, organization of events in Oslo, Bucharest and Brussels, the elaboration of articles on the topic, and the carrying out of a comparative study of this phenomenon in both regions. The project aims at a better knowledge both in Romania and in Norway, of the security challenges that the two countries are facing, thus consolidating the cohesion at the bilateral and Allied level. FLANKS is financed through EEA bilateral funds.

The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs [NUPI] is a leading centre for research on international issues in areas of particular relevance to Norwegian foreign policy.

NUPI has three main pillars of research and expertise: security and risk, growth and development, and international order and governance. The Security and Risk pillar covers traditional security and defence policy and peace operations, as well as other aspects of risk in Norwegian foreign policy related to greater investment, travel and presence abroad. Growth and development focuses on the emerging powers, international economics and developmental issues. Order and governance covers the multilateral system, regional organizations and how diplomacy as an institution works and evolves.

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