New Strategy Center and the Institute for Eastern Studies have organized on Thursday, 28 March, the fifth series of strategic consultations under the heading “Romania and Poland. Facing New Challenges in the Region.” In this edition, attention has focused on the analysis of the security challenges on NATO’s Eastern Flank and the EU, on the topic of cyber threats an increasing resilience towards these threats. Another very important subject was the economic cooperation.






Panel I – “Cooperation for a safer Europe”
The discussions have highlighted the multiple possibilities of cooperation between Romania and Poland, including to cope with multiple security challenges with which the entire region is facing. The classical military threats have reemerged after the illegal annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine, but at the same time we must face new threats: in the cyber and information field. 






Panel II – “Cyber Security Challenges for the Eastern Flank”
The cyber space has become a vital space for economic development, but it is also an area where numerous threats are coming from. Many times, the Eastern Flank becomes a testing area for some hybrid type actions, then these actions are to be used on a larger scale. That’s why, increasing the cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Poland, including in the cyber field have is very important.


Panel III – The 3 Seas Initiative as a Catalyst for a Closer Regional Cooperation in Economic Field.
After the summit in Bucharest, in September 2018, the Three Seas initiative shall be turning toward concrete actions of cooperation, and Poland and Romania have the potential to stimulate the initiative. Projects in areas such as transport, energy or digitization are very important for countries of the region, due to their security dimension. Such projects may bring both prosperity and security to the citizens who live in the space of the Three Seas Initiative. 

Please find below the event program:

2019 – Event Program – 28 March