A New Strategy Center initiative: Training program in the field of national security

The New Strategy Center has launched the ”Security and Responsibility Training Program”, with partners from the Defense Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Defense Committee of the Senate. It is dedicated to counselors and experts from the Defense Committees from the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, the experts working in the cabinets of the members of the two committees, as well as the persons in the specialized committees with responsibilities in the national security of the parliamentary parties.

The New Strategy Center aims to enhance the level of expertise in the parliamentary field, in the interests of Romania and in accordance with the values of the Euro-Atlantic community.

The New Strategy Center, the Defense Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, and the Senate Defense Commission are partners in this project that aims to highlight the value of the partnership among public institutions and the non-governmental expertise area in the spirit of a non-partisan political approach.

We believe that we need political and national consensus on the significant issues of national security. We need coherence of public policies in the security field, we need medium and long-term strategies to be assumed by the entire political spectrum and to be completed, regardless of the governments that succeed in power.