New Strategy Center organized on Tuesday, September 28, the online debate entitled “The AUKUS Domino Effect. Impact on the Transatlantic Link & EU Strategic Autonomy”. Moderated by Ambassador Cristian Diaconescu, member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center, the debate had as speakers Seth Cropsey, Director Center for American Seapower, Hudson Institute, USA, Peter Watkins, Senior Visiting Fellow, LSE IDEAS – London School of Economics, Great Britain and Emmanuel Dupuy, President of the Institute for Prospective and Security in Europe, France.
The event takes place in the context of various reactions to the AUKUS trilateral partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The announced plans for wider cooperation between the three countries in various fields also include a joint effort to equip Australia with a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines, nullifying Australia’s previous commitment to buy conventional submarines from France. In this context, the speakers addressed several issues related to the implications of AUKUS on the transatlantic relationship, on developments in the Indo-Pacific, but also on the reaction of France and efforts to increase the strategic autonomy of the European Union.

Event Agenda – 28 September 2021