New Strategy Center hosted a new online conference on Wednesday, April 8, on the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic on security and defense. The debate had as speaker Lt. Gl. (ret) Ben Hodges, former US troop commander in Europe and Pershing Chair for Strategic Studies at US Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) and Mr. Greg Melcher, Director of the Center for the Study of New Generation Warfare in the US and it was moderated by Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Honorary Chairman of the Scientific Council, New Strategy Center and Director of the European Union Satellite Center (SATCEN).

The discussions took into account the evolution of the transatlantic relationship, how the economic crisis can have an impact on defense budgets in NATO countries, the measures to ensure defense and deterrence on the Eastern Flank of NATO. During the discussion, there were points made on the importance of maintaining cohesion at the Alliance level and strengthening defense, given that the security challenges will not be diminished in the Eastern Flank and especially in the Black Sea region.

Event Agenda April 8th 2020