New Strategy Center has released a new study, this time on Ukraine’s energy sector and the effects of Russian Federation bombing on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. The study, titled “The Impact of the Russian Attacks on Ukraine’s Energy Sector,” examines Ukraine’s energy capabilities prior to the invasion, as well as the impact of Russia’s bombing campaign targeting critical infrastructure, particularly energy.

The situation in the Republic of Moldova, which is facing serious economic and social problems, is given special attention, with the energy crisis playing a significant role in the deterioration of the situation there. Russian bombings have deprived the Republic of Moldova of a reliable source of electricity from Ukraine, resulting in not only power outages but also protests against the pro-Western government orchestrated by Russia against the Chisinau regime.

The report was conducted by George Scutaru, CEO of the New Strategy Center and Ecaterina Dadiverina and Marcu-Andrei Solomon, experts at the New Strategy Center.

The paper can be accessed at:

The Impact of the Russian Attacks on Ukraine’s Energy Sector