The current tense context in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the potential impact on security in the Balkans is a topic of major interest, which is on the agenda of the states in the region but is also of interest to the EU, USA, Turkey, Russia, China. On Wednesday, November 24, the New Strategy Center hosted the online debate “The New Developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Impact on the Security of the Balkans.”
The moderator of the discussion was Ambassador Gheorghe Magheru, member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center, who was joined as speakers by Mr. Srecko Latal, Regional Coordinator of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (IBRD), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Krševan Antun Dujmović, associate expert at the Institute for Development and International Relations, Croatia and Ambassador Victor Jackovich, the first US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Ambassador to Slovenia.

The debate focused on the deep political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which risks destabilizing the fragile internal balance, but also generating conflict situations and a new outbreak of instability with wide regional and international implications. The escalation of tensions could have uncontrollable effects, which could lead to the annulment of the Dayton Accords, more than 26 years after its signing, and the dissolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state in its current form. All this can have a significant negative impact, including on the prospects for European integration in the Western Balkans.

Event Program 24 November 2021