New Strategy Center hosted the online debate “The Poland-Belarus Border Crisis and its Impact on Regional Security and Beyond” on Friday, November 26th. Moderated by Dr. Antonia Colibășanu, Senior Associate Expert at New Strategy Center, the conference was addressed by Kamil Kłysiński, Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Eastern Studies – OSW, Poland and Arseny Sivitsky, Director of the Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies, Belarus.
The event takes place in the tense context created by the crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus, which has the potential to destabilize the region, as a result of the use of immigrants as a tool of pressure on the EU and NATO from Belarus. The discussion took into account both the prospects of the two countries and the strained relationship between them, as well as the impact of these developments on regional security and the stability of the European Union, as well as the response from Poland and its allies to the crisis. In this context, the speakers addressed the reactions from both the West and Russia, as well as some possible future scenarios.

Event program 26 November 2021